Rose always wanted to be a veterinarian, since she was a kid. She became especially drawn to veterinary medicine after having cancer at the age of nine. It really opened her eyes to the pain animals experience and how they can’t speak for themselves.

Rose is currently in college at Cal Poly Pomona and will soon graduate with a bachelor’s degree in pre-veterinary medicine. She began volunteering at AEC in October 2023 and was hired in June 2023.

Her professional goals are to learn as much as she can at AEC as a receptionist, and even grow into other positions. She’s also seeking to log enough hours and experience to help her achieve her ultimate goal, of making it into vet school.

She knows it will be tough, but her goal is to become a wildlife veterinarian. Outside of work, she loves reading, writing, dancing, playing video games, spending time with her dog and family and hiking.